Thursday, January 31, 2008

Winding Way, Step 5

Color lay-in, part 2

Winding Way color lay-in-continued
I continued laying in the color, refining the drawing as I went along. Nothing is finished at this point. I think there are some vertical lines that are not yet exactly right. The red shutters are from the burnt umber under-painting: the house actually has dark green shutters.

With a magnifying glass, I scrutinized carefully all the photos of the house that were taken in the 60's. Since then, the second story and ground floor porches have been changed. My client understandably wants the painting to reflect how it was when he lived there. You can see the difference in the photos that I took with the way the color lay-in appears.

I said in my last blog, that my paintings speak to me. This one has said that the stark lines of the porte cochere need to be broken up with cast shadows from unseen trees.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the color lay-in. Check my blog again on Saturday to see what progress I made.

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