Thursday, May 29, 2008

Signs of Spring, step 8

Nearing the finish


As usual, when I am painting symmetrical items, they invariably get wonky. The white vase really needs help. So I dragged out the triangle, a straight edge with pica delineations (picas are easier to deal with than inches), the Saran wrap, a black felt pen for drawing on the painting (the pentel ink comes off when moistened), and a permanent pen for drawing on the Saran wrap. I drew a center line on the canvas, placed the Saran wrap over it, drew a corresponding center line, and one half of the white vase. Flipped over the Saran wrap, and figured what needed to be corrected.

I have also added some interest to the table, and added some leaves and darkened some others. I still have void at the table, and I think I will put some leaves on it. Maybe even some petals. Probably will audition some arrangements by painting on the Saran Wrap before I commit myself.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Signs of Spring, step 7

Moving right along...


This configuration and design is much more pleasing and elegant to me. I continued refining the apricots, the vases and the blue scarf. Mainly I was redrawing, lightening the lights, and darkening the darks. I have a lot of new wrinkles from squinting so much.

Since the daffodil is no longer toward the bottom of the painting, there seemed to be a rather blank area. So to anchor the arrangement, I filled in the table rather than have it light and airy. I will find a table with a drawer somewhere in the house and add an interesting handle or drawer pull to it. The handle or drawer pull will serve the same purpose as the will move the eye around and add interest to an otherwise dead and boring area.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Extreme Makeover, Step 6

Adding apricots


The two daffodils in the lower part of the painting were getting on my nerves, so they had to go. I bought some apricots to replace them. I tried several arrangements.


I brought back the decorated vase that I had eliminated earlier. The apricots on the left help move the yellow-orange color around the canvas. So far I like this a lot better. Of course, every time I moved something the blue scarf moved!

I still haven't decided, but I may put some greens on the table. I don't have apricot leaves (since it's not the season for them yet). Also, I may do something to the table. Now that there is no daffodil attracting your attention to the lower part of the painting, it looks a bit boring. We'll see! This painting will tell me what is needed.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Signs of Spring, step 5

Making refinements


I had to replace the nandina, since the last time I painted on this, it has died. I cut some more and added a new piece under the bottom daffodil. I like the way it adds more movement and breaks up the dark brown of the table.

By adding more highlights to the leaves, they are now finished. I worked on the white petal cup which now has better defined values. Achieving the white highlights on the light side of the cup was difficult. I finally took a palette knife and laid down a stroke of white, and then with a brush, wiped away the parts I didn't want. It seemed to work OK.

Using a triangle and straight-edge, I corrected the drawing of the table, which had become a bit askew. I still have the blue bottle to isn't quite symmetrical yet. By darkening some of the petals in the lower two daffodils I put them more in shadow, which gives them more dimension.

I will have to redo the background in the next step, which I hope will finish the painting. No doubt I will see other minor things that need more refining.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Signs of Spring, step 4

Adding more nandina, etc.


I added more nandina to the lower part of the painting. The leaves around the lowest daffodil are hard to see, so I will have to change something there. I must remember: "light against dark, warm against cool!"

Adding the leaves to the diagonal stems in front of the blue vase helps.
They are not so distracting now.

I painted the background with a ultramarine blue/burnt sienna combo, adding naples yellow to the lightest areas. I still have more to do on the back ground, but it's a good start.

I also worked on the table: darkened it and refined the table leg.