Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quiet Pleasures, step 1

The sight-size setup and charcoal drawing

I placed my easel next to the set-up so that I can stand back about 8 feet while I am observing the set-up. Remembering what I saw, I then walk up to the easel and make my lines. In this way, I will draw accurately, always comparing the two. This is such an easy way to draw. The drawing needs to be identical to the set-up when I am finished.

Using soft vine charcoal, first I drew a line one quarter of an inch all the way around the edge of the canvas which indicates what the frame will cover. This will help keep the drawing from getting too close to the edge.

Then I lightly draw on the toned linen canvas measuring very carefully. For the purpose of simplifying the drawing, I have removed the red ribbon bookmark and the glasses and ignored the clothespin.

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