Saturday, July 29, 2017

Nature's Bounty, Step 2

Gridding and drawing the image

First I chose a 16 x 20 linen canvas for the painting and gridded it lightly with soft vine charcoal in inch increments, and numbered the columns and rows.
Toned canvas gridded with one-inch squares.

Then I printed out the image on regular bond paper, glued it to a piece of scrap cardboard, taped a piece of Saran Wrap to it, then drew a grid corresponding to the grid on the canvas. Again I numbered the columns and rows.
The gridded photo, 20 columns across, 16 rows down.
 Then very carefully, square by square, I transferred the image to the canvas substrate with more soft vine charcoal.  I have now accurately enlarged the drawing to the size I want to paint it. I'm still trying to decide on the background.
The charcoal drawing on the canvas.

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