Monday, September 24, 2007

Shawnee Valley demonstration, Step 3

The Background Color Block-In

Shawnee Valley

Starting with the sky, I gradually worked my way down to the distant mountains. For the blues in the sky, I used ultramarine at the top, then cobalt, and some thalo green at the horizon. For the clouds I used white, yellow and a pink, made from white, quinacridone red and cadmium red.

For the mountains I used a gray made from quinacridone red, thalo green, and white, deepening the value by adding more and more as I came closer. For the closest mountain, I added a tad of yellow. The distant fields are pale yellowish gray.

At this point, I am only roughing in some color as a basis for the final coats of paint. I am trying for an approximation of color and value which will be refined in the next layer at a later point.

For a medium, I am using 1 part Liquin to 1 part odorless mineral spirits (OMS).

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