Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yellow Roses, step 2

Painting the roses


I started with the larger roses, and because they are past their prime, they are a bit whiter than the other roses. I painted them alla prima using a lot of pale yellow and pink, and added lavender for the shadow tones. I premix the pale yellow from white and cadmium yellow light, and the pink from white, quinacridone red, and a smidge of cadmium red light.

The images are on my laptop, which I have positioned near my easel. My roses aren't precisely the same as the photos, but close. I didn't trace them, but drew them as I saw them.

Since I have not planned this painting out 100%, I am hoping that these roses will be in the right place. Thoroughly planning my paintings is not one of my strong points. I always say I'll do better on the next one.

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