Saturday, June 7, 2008

Signs of Spring, step 9

The finish!


As you can see, I added a sprig of nandina across the table and a smaller one in an area that was bothering me. I think this helps a lot, as it moves the green into the lower portion of the painting and adds interest to the table.

I re-adjusted the background and repainted the leaves. When I squinted at it before, I couldn't even see the leaves...they were the same value as the background. I held my value scale up to the actual leaf and was truly surprised to find that the green leaf was a value 8! When I lightened the background, then I could see them.

Because the lighting is not absolutely controlled in my studio when I photograph my paintings, the photos on this blog look quite dissimilar. However, I am not changing anything, and I apologize for this inconsistency. I have a new camera, and I'm still learning about it.

I think the next paintings will be some plein air ones for Plein Air Easton.

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