Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Azalea Park, Step 8

Painting the Azaleas
This part is really fun, as I enjoy painting these beautiful flowers and making them look like azaleas.  There are areas of the shrubs that need to be massed but the branches go every which way.  I have found that it is important to make some areas ditzy or they won't look like azaleas. 
I enjoyed making the subtle color and value changes so you could differentiate one bush from another.  The foreground bush on the right was the most difficult to paint convincingly.  You can see from the photos what the bush really looked like.  All these foreground bushes had lots of branches and dead leaves showing, and I didn't want that.  Fortunately, among all my reference photos, I have some shots of azalea bushes where the blooms go all the way to the ground. 
I refined the shadows and colors on the path and added some "dirt" and weeds to the grassy areas. I also added some light areas to the tree trunks where the sunlight was hitting them.

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