Friday, February 28, 2014

Azalea Park, Step 9


The Final Painting: Favorite Azaleas
This final step is where I start to tweak areas that bother me. Mainly I look at shapes and where my eye goes. I'll walk away from the painting and come back and take a look. If my eye goes to a place that I don't want it to go, then I know that's a problem area. 
One of the major things I did was make a more definitive light and shadow pattern on the light side of the trees where leaves were casting a shadow  I made them a little more distinctive.  I also lightened the light areas of the path which help make it sparkle more.
I added some pink above the background trees to add atmosphere and color in the sky.  I felt that some pink there would help move the colors around the painting.

This is the finished painting and the most difficult part was coming up with a title.  I have painted so many azalea paintings that I have nearly run out of ideas.  I settled on "Favorite Azaleas" as this is my favorite area to paint the flowers.

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Thank you for this wonderful step by step process. Very valuable.