Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shawnee Valley demonstration, 14th and last step

Tweaking the foreground and refining other areas

Some of the little things that I did in this final step you will find hard to see on the small blog image. I changed the shape of the left-hand farm on the back hill to make the negative space more interesting and added some color to relieve the green. I reworked the shadow area on the right so that the cows, which I refined, were totally in the shadow area. I finished up the foreground by adding highlights to the ground, rocks and leaves.

I darkened the water a bit next to the shore line: both were the same value. I added some cows on the grazing plain and signed my name on the shadow side of one of the rocks.

The clever name of this new painting is "Afternoon in the Valley." You may see a larger image in the landscapes section of my website.

Next week I will start a new demo, but a smaller one.

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