Monday, February 4, 2008

Winding Way, Step 7

Finishing the sky and trees

sky and trees

Since I had decided that I was only going to paint the sky and right-hand trees, my photo only shows that part of the painting. All the rest of it remains the same.

I started with the sky and the clouds, using a different brush for each color: a warm white one, a sky-blue one, and a cloud-shadow one.

Once I was done with the sky, I painted the trees behind the house and worked my way to the right. Since there are so many trees, I made every effort to keep the greens on the gray side, or the green would be overwhelming. I also tried to make the trees different color greens. I put in enough sky holes so that the birds can fly through. When the paint dries, I will put in a white dogwood tree.

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