Thursday, May 29, 2008

Signs of Spring, step 8

Nearing the finish


As usual, when I am painting symmetrical items, they invariably get wonky. The white vase really needs help. So I dragged out the triangle, a straight edge with pica delineations (picas are easier to deal with than inches), the Saran wrap, a black felt pen for drawing on the painting (the pentel ink comes off when moistened), and a permanent pen for drawing on the Saran wrap. I drew a center line on the canvas, placed the Saran wrap over it, drew a corresponding center line, and one half of the white vase. Flipped over the Saran wrap, and figured what needed to be corrected.

I have also added some interest to the table, and added some leaves and darkened some others. I still have void at the table, and I think I will put some leaves on it. Maybe even some petals. Probably will audition some arrangements by painting on the Saran Wrap before I commit myself.

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