Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inspirations, step 1

The sightsize set-up

For a long time I have wanted to do a painting featuring a violin. I have borrowed one for this purpose. While I was at it, I thought a painting celebrating different art forms might be interesting and fun.

I propped up the violin across some antique books and placed a figurine in the background. I didn't want it too prominent because it is white, so I have it mostly in shadow. A small Degas print of his "Rehearsal" is framed and hanging. On the books is an antique inkwell substitute with a feather quill. Actually it is a palette cup for holding turps. Right now the quill is a peacock feather which is all I have. At some point, I'll either get to an antique store or wing it (pardon the pun).

Arranging the paint tubes was a real challenge. At first I didn't even think I wanted them, but so far I like them. Inserting the brushes under the violin was easy. When I paint, I will ignore them, but for now, it reminds of where I'm going. The still life set-up when complete needs to look like it was very casually put together, even thought it might have taken hours and is very contrived.

For instance, my figurine wasn't tall enough to suit me, so I have it propped up on a bunch of old casette tapes.

Below is my sight-size layout with my easel exactly next to my setup. I stand back from them about eight feet, from where I can see them both at the same time. The idea is that the drawing matches the set-up. It is easy to draw this way because the measuring is one on one.

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