Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inspirations, step 2

The charcoal drawing

In the last blog demo I said the antique glasses were the hardest things I had ever drawn. This violin is a close second! Again, nothing is parallel and the round edges are not circular arcs, but artistic transitions from one shape to another. A real challenge.

I have spent hours on this charcoal drawing, mostly on the violin. I carefully drew the books and the paint tubes. I didn't draw in all the figurine as I will do that more in paint. The same with the small framed print. The important thing is that these items are basically the correct size and in their proper places.

As I paint, I continue to check my drawing. It's not like "OK, the drawing is done and now I'll just fill in with color." The reality is that I am constantly drawing and measuring to make sure everything is just so.

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