Thursday, May 8, 2008

Signs of Spring, step 5

Making refinements


I had to replace the nandina, since the last time I painted on this, it has died. I cut some more and added a new piece under the bottom daffodil. I like the way it adds more movement and breaks up the dark brown of the table.

By adding more highlights to the leaves, they are now finished. I worked on the white petal cup which now has better defined values. Achieving the white highlights on the light side of the cup was difficult. I finally took a palette knife and laid down a stroke of white, and then with a brush, wiped away the parts I didn't want. It seemed to work OK.

Using a triangle and straight-edge, I corrected the drawing of the table, which had become a bit askew. I still have the blue bottle to isn't quite symmetrical yet. By darkening some of the petals in the lower two daffodils I put them more in shadow, which gives them more dimension.

I will have to redo the background in the next step, which I hope will finish the painting. No doubt I will see other minor things that need more refining.

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