Thursday, May 15, 2008

Extreme Makeover, Step 6

Adding apricots


The two daffodils in the lower part of the painting were getting on my nerves, so they had to go. I bought some apricots to replace them. I tried several arrangements.


I brought back the decorated vase that I had eliminated earlier. The apricots on the left help move the yellow-orange color around the canvas. So far I like this a lot better. Of course, every time I moved something the blue scarf moved!

I still haven't decided, but I may put some greens on the table. I don't have apricot leaves (since it's not the season for them yet). Also, I may do something to the table. Now that there is no daffodil attracting your attention to the lower part of the painting, it looks a bit boring. We'll see! This painting will tell me what is needed.

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