Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inspirations, step 7

Painting Degas's dancers, the picture frame, and the inkwell

As I said earlier, nothing is ever easy. I don't own a quill pen and accompanying inkwell, and when I set out last week to the local antique emporium, I found that it had closed. Probably due to the economic downturn. The next nearest antique store is 25 miles away. So I am going to try to muddle through without the real thing in front of me.

I painted the print of the "Rehearsal" by Degas and painted over the place where the feather is. This way, I will not be constrained by any shape that seems the best for the feather. I roughed in the basic underlying shapes on the picture frame to prepare it for the decorative areas.

I googled quill pens and found a host of feathers and ink wells...I should be able to compile something from all these shapes and textures. Having been inspired, I tried a number of different shapes. I didn't like round because it mimicked the shape on the book beneath. I have settled on a version of the paint cup which I have placed in the set-up. I have elongated it a bit and narrowed the neck, which is a nice shape, for now.

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